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Volumetric Flask

PURPOSE: Volumetric Flask is used for precise dilutions and preparation of stan-dard solutions.
These flasks are usually pear-shaped, with a flat bottom, and made of glass or plastic. The flask’s mouth is either furnished with a plastic snap/screw cap or fitted with a joint to accommodate a PTFE or glass stopper.
The neck of the volumetric flasks is elongated and narrow with an etched ring graduation marking.
The marking indicates the volume of liquid contained when filled up to that point. The marking is typically calibrated”to contain” (marked “TC” or “IN”) at 20 °C and indicated correspondingly on a label.

Smaller sized flasks i.e. 5ml & 10ml have a high centre of gravity which makes them prone to falling. Therefore, TZ shape that provides stability and prevents the flask from falling by doubling the base area.

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