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Principle of Heat Transfer: Condenser is designed to facilitate the cooling of hot vapours and liquids. It is structured in the form of a large glass tube, containing a smaller glass tube running through its entire length.
Hot fluids pass through this small inner tube.

Typically, the outer glass tube has two hose connections to aid the passing of a coolant (usually tap water or chilled water/anti-freeze mixture).
The coolant is introduced through the lower fitting, while the higher fitting serves as the exit point.

Entering the coolant at the cooler point is a critical aspect as it helps maintain a smooth and correctly directed thermal gradient. This in turn, maximises efficiency and minimises the risk of thermal shock to adjacent glassware.
Multiple Condensers may be connected in a series.
Usually, a high flow rate is not essential for maintaining a cooling surface.

Special care should be taken while choosing Condensers keeping in mind their distillation rates, reflux rates and temperature gradient.

Condensers Conform to IS 6052.

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