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Safe closure ensures storage of products as
• Dairy products
• Serums

High resistance to thermal shock (upto 1600C)

Light protection :
• Amber bottle upto 500 nm

Sterilization :
Bottles can be steam sterilized after washing. Following are recommendation and guidelines.
• To avoid a build up of pressure the screw cap should be left loose on the bottle neck (one turn maximum). It should not be closed tight as the pressure then cannot be balanced and consequent in pressure can result in bottle bursting.
• Ensure that saturated steam is used and that it has unhin-dered access to all contaminated places. This is the only way to achieve effective steam sterilization.

Thawing frozen substances :
The frozen material can be thawed by immersing the bottle in liquid bath taking care that the temperature differences does not exceed 100 degree C. This will ensure that the fro-zen material heated uniformly from all sides without damag-ing the bottle. It can however also be thawed slowly so that the surface melts first, allowing the material to expand.

Freezing substances
Recommendation: When freezing, always place the bottles at an angle approx. 450C and do not fill to more than 3⁄4 capacity (to increase surface area).

Temperature limit – 400C as the plastic caps and pouring ring do not withstand lower temperatures.

•Soiled bottle must be clean first, otherwise microorganism cannot be effectively destroyed and chemicals adhering to surface can damage it as a result of high temperature in-volved.

ISO 1574